About Us

Dr. Pravin P. Gore (Jain)

Specialist Colon-Rectal Surgeon & Proctologist,

MBBS – Pune University

DNB(Gen. Surgery) – National Board of Examination – New Delhi (Hyderabad & Chennai)

FACRSI – Fellowship of Association of Colon & Rectal Surgeons of India – Madurai

International Advanced Fellowship – NHS, Birmingham, U.K.


The current Era!

This is an era of ‘Evidence Based Medical Practise’ where a Specialist Surgeon judiciously selects a particular treatment from the vast range of scientifically proven treatments for an individual patient. This gives the best possible care, cure, results & recovery for a patient’s disease which is standardized all over the world. Thus Specialization and Super-Specialization is the norm of the current times in every branch of medicine & surgery where a Surgeon is so focused on a particular branch of surgery that he masters it.


What is ColoRectal Surgery?

This is a super-specialty which treats surgically curable diseases of the Colon (large intestine), Rectum & Anus. These diseases range from Piles or Hemorrhoides to Cancers. The Consultants receive rigorous training after their Surgery Post-Graduation in this super-speciality. They are also called Lower G.I.Surgeons.


Colorectal Surgery & Proctology in INDIA!!

Colorectal surgery in India is in its infancy though this speciality is a well established branch all over the world.  We are very few dedicated surgeons who focus on practicing exclusive colon-rectal surgery & proctology after our respective rigorous training in this field. The amount of focused work, better knowledge and understanding of the anatomy, pathology & various treatments available, distinguishes a colorectal surgeon from other general surgeons who also possess a basic qualification to treat colorectal surgical diseases.


Our position

We offer a complete spectrum of treatment for all colon-rectum-anal pathologies from the variety of scientifically proven surgeries and treatments to our patients. These range from the time tested gold standard surgical procedures to the precision focused advanced technological surgeries like LASER, staplers, Bloodless Ultrasonic surgeries, Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) treatments, Colonoscopic surgeries, Laproscopic surgeries, Endoscopic surgeries etc.


Our highlights in the offerings are as follows:


Surgical Skills


FIRST  IN INDIA:                 (BOTOX) Botulinum toxin treatment for Anal Fissure



1)                  Bloodless Ultrasonic Haemorrhoidectomy & perianal procedures.

2)                  Multiple ‘Z-plasty’ curative repair for primary & recurrent Pilonidal sinuses.


 Advanced Colo-Rectal Procedures:-

(a)   MIPH Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy.

(b)   IRC-(Infra-Red beam Coagulation) for Haemorrhoides.

(c)   HPL (Hemorrhoidal Pedicle Ligation )

(d)   RAIS (Radio-Frequency Ablation of Internal anal sphincter in Anal Fissure)

(e)   VAAFT – Endoscopic video assisted anal fistula treatment & LIFT procedure.

(f)   Fistula Plug Surgery for Fistula-in-ano.

(g)   Local rotation & transposition flap surgeries for Anal Stenosis & Fistulae.

(h)  Trans-rectal rectosigmoidectomy + intra-anal rectoanal anastomosis for prolapse.

( i)  Uses of Colon as by-pass in G.I., Urology & Genital Surgery.

(j)   Park’s Plication & ano-myoplasty of levator ani for incontinence & perineal tear

(k)  Rectovaginal fistula surgery with fistula plug repair.

(L) Gracillo-plasty neo-sphincteroplasty

(M) Laproscopic appendicectomy, Lap. hemicolectomy & Lap. total colectomy.

(N) Laproscopic Rectopexy for rectal prolapse


Advanced & Basic Surgeries for Ano-rectal & Colonic diseases

1. Basic Colorectal Surgeries for Haemorrhoides, Fissure, Fistula, Rectal prolapse etc.

2.  Office Porcedures for Haemorrhoides like Sclerotherapy, Suction banding etc.

3.  Various Surgeries for Fistula-in-ano aiming for cure.

4.  Mucosopexy for partial rectal mucosal prolapse.

5. Various surgical & Plastic Surgical procedures for Pilonidal Sinuses.

6. Total Radical Procto-Colectomy + ‘J’ pouch ileo-anal analstomosis for ulcerative colitis

and total colonic familial adenomatous polyposis,

7.  Hemicolectomy, Anterior Resection  & APR for Colo-Rectal & Anal Malignancies.



Piles helpline: +91-9833550858                   drpravingore@gmail.com